Our Accomodations

MotorosokMain Building:

The house awaits our dear guests with eight available rooms, six of which include a special custom interior.

Rooms with 2 beds: one includes a double bed, the other has two singles which can be pushed together if needed. Both rooms offer excellent views.

Family room: (2+2 beds): one double bed and two singles, quite large and comfortable room with windows facing the yard. Ideal for families arriving with small children.

Panorama rooms: three large rooms which patrially hug the building in a U shape, all of them include a terrace, a double bed and separate single beds.

Room description

 The rooms are newly renovated, with a built in refrigerator, a television and free wireless internet. Meticulously designed and custom built furniture brings with it a pleasant atmosphere that offers the best comfort to our guests relaxing in the nightime. The panorama rooms are climate controlled and also have an outside terrace, offering unparalleled views. The terrace is equipped with tasteful patio furniture and is the perfect place to enjoy a peaceful moment with a glass of local wine.

Rooms include an attached bathroom with a shower.


DescriptionFor guests that want absolute peace, comfort and open space we have eight motelhouses available. These houses are located next to and are the mirror image of each other, including the furniture. Consisting of a living room and two bedrooms.

Custom built furniture, comfortable mattresses, built in refrigerator, television and shower equipped bathrooms are included. In the living room, an „L” shaped sofa, which can be converted into a bed, ensures the comfort of our guests. In on of the bedrooms is a double bed, the other includes two singles. From the spacious living room we can step out to the terrace and continue onto the yard/park.

The motelhouse could potentially house six people comfortably and is equipped with free wireless internet.

The Loft

Our conference room can be found in this building. A venue space which is perfect for all kinds of team, student or business gatherings. Combined accommodation make this location ideal for larger groups as well. From work related team building excercises or corporate meetings, to weddings or a simple gathering of family and friends.

Room description:

Ten smaller sized rooms, with television, two single beds and a shower equipped bathroom. Select rooms have a refrigerator as well.

In one of the rooms we have made space for three people with a double bed and an additional single bed which comes with a separate shower, sink and toilet.

Free, wireless (WiFi) internet is offered throughout the premises. With rooms facing mostly at the park, the sorrounding forest or the yard. In the top hall we have created a small communal area which can be used as needed.